New Businesses:  If you are just starting a new business, I know from experience that you will have 101 things on your mind that all need doing urgently and keeping accurate accounting records will be one of those things.  Whether you need help for a couple of hours each month or even regular weekly assistance, I can help you.

Small Businesses:  You may have been trading for a while now and been putting in the extra hours in the evenings or at weekends to try and keep on top of the paperwork, but now you feel that those extra hours could be better spent building your business further or even for some well deserved leisure time.  It won't cost a fortune to keep your accounts in order and it may even help to reduce your accountant fees.

Which do you need a Bookkeeper or an Accountant?   -  The simple answer is probably both.   Do you need accurate records keeping; do you need to make sure your customers are paying you in good time and that you are paying your suppliers also; do you need to file regular vat returns to HMRC and have a complete set of financial records at the end of the year?  -  As a qualified Bookkeeper I can provide this service for you at a very reasonable cost.  

When you have your end of year financial records you will probably want to assess how your business is performing, i.e are you making a good profit and if so how can you expand this further. You will also want to know what expenses you had to pay to run your business and if savings can be made in any areas, as well as making sure you are paying the correct amount of tax.  -  An Accountant is suitably qualified to help you analyse your business and to make recommendations for it's future. 

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